Once upon a time

Once upon a time.

Once upon a time there was a wanna be author who was coasting along on cloud nine, maneuvering it from place to place until she had it parked in her perfect life. She sat making plans for the millions of dollars she would make now that she had decided to become an author. Imagining how her days would be filled with sitting by the pool of her beach house that she was yet to own, sipping cocktails and basically living the life. By night she would sit with a mug of coffee looking out at the sea and would begin to write. It was her dream life and she was going to be living it in a few short months when she finished her first book and it became a huge success. she couldn’t wait, financial freedom was staring her in the eye and dangling the previously elusive carrot.

Well Isn’t delusion a wonderful gift? Sadly I got sucked off of cloud 9 (yes that was me in the story above) and landed in a torturous reality called the Internet. I am new to this, my gift is writing and that’s the extent of it. I have no idea how to get a book published, so I turned to the good old world wide web.

I am quickly realising that there is such a thing as having to much information at your disposal. A simple Google search “How do I get a book published?” resulted in thousands of results. I saw words like ebook (what the hell is that?) is it some kind of drug for book nerds? I saw self publishing, I assume that’s when you go to the local stationary shop and ask them to photo copy 10 lots of your manuscript. I saw self promotion, I know about 8 people and that includes my mother (looks like I went overboard at the stationary shop).

I now have Facebook, twitter, GoogleĀ + and this blog. Sadly I don’t know how to use any of them. Trying to work out this foreign land i have come crashing into is taking more time and effort than the actual book I intended to write. I have 30 pages so far and acknowledge it may never get published or ebooked or what ever the goal is these days. I like to break rules so I would hardly say im a publishers dream. I used to teach high school students how to write and the golden rule was to NEVER, EVER, under ANY circumstance, start a story with “Once upon a time” I wonder how many of them would be surprised to read the very first line of my new manuscript is , yep you guessed it. Once upon a time…..

This blog is my way of bringing you along for the ride with me. I can’t always promise we will be travelling on that silver lined cloud and things will inevitably get a little bumpy. I cant even promise it will be fun but I’m too scared to go it alone so please hold my hand and protect me as I travel from totally naive dreamer to best selling author (I hope)